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Norway ambassadors visit Avintes

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On November 16th, Norwegian Ambassadors in Portugal, Mr. Anders Erdal and Mrs. Elisabeth Eia Erdal visited our facilities at Extruded Solutions Avintes, interested in getting better knowledge of Hydro as the largest Norwegian company operating in Portugal.

Mr. and Mrs. Erdal discovered Hydro aluminium solutions accompanied by Ana Vázquez (VP Hydro Extrusion Iberia) and Daniel Couto (Avintes Plant Manager Director). From Extrusion and Added value operations, to the Die Fabrication and casthouse recycling activities, they found out a wide range of applications for our profiles in many different sectors.

Ana Vázquez declared: “We are proud to show what Hydro, as a global company, can offer locally with their local talent and resources in Avintes”.

Avintes team was fully commited to this visit and showed the best of us as a company. “I am impressed to see the motivation of Hydro employees in Portugal, feeling like a great family”, Mr. Erdal said.