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Dual education

Helping young graduates of secondary technical schools to increase their employability.

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Dual education in Hydro Extrusion Slovakia

Hydro Extrusion Slovakia belongs to the group of companies which have obtained a “Certificate of competency to provide hands-on training within the dual education system at the practical training workplace” already in 2015.

Dual education is based on an apprenticeship agreement between an apprentice and the employer and on an agreement on dual education between the employer and a secondary vocational school, and it combines   practical training in the company and theoretical lessons in the vocational school.

The advantage of vocational training and preparation to work through the dual education system directly with the employer is to obtain the skills necessary for students to perform their work. 

We believe that a student-employer relationship will be “reborn” also in this way.

Students have an opportunity to develop, in the course of study, their work habits, skills and required level of responsibility not only for themselves but also for community, which will facilitate students´ entry into their future professional life. 

At the present time, Hydro Extrusion Slovakia has five certified fields of study:

  • 24 30    H mechanical operator
  • 24 11    K machine fool fitter
  • 26 79    K mechatronic technician
  • 24 26    K programmer of metalworking and welding machines and equipment
  • 22 62    K metallurgical operator

In the course of study, the students will be paid an apprenticeship allowance in accordance with agreed criteria (behaviour, study results, attendance, and assessment of performance during apprenticeship) or remuneration for labour productivity.

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