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One-stop shop approach

We offer value-adding profiles and solutions, surface treatment on our own anodizing line and a large variety of fabrication activities, with a one-stop shop approach.

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Hydro Extrusion Slovakia offers:

  • development and production of aluminium profiles
  • sufrace treatment by anodizing technology
  • various fabrication activities

Its assortment has more than 9.000 different shapes of aluminium profiles for applications in almost all industrial sectors.

Technical parameters of aluminium profiles:

  • size of circumscribed circle: solid profiles max. D = 300 mm, hollow profiles max. D = 270 mm
  • standard profile lengths from 3000 to 6500 mm
  • profile weights from 0.11 to 16.00 kg /m 


Anodizing - protection and aesthetics

Anodizing is used to:

  • create new, aesthetical appearance
  • enhance corrosion resistance
  • create a decorative surface with durable colour and gloss
  • create a touch-friendly surface
  • create an abrasion-resistant surface
  • give surfaces an electrically insulating coating
  • create a decorative surface that satisfies stringent hygiene requirements 

Technical parameters for anodizing:

  • maximum dimensions 7500 x 2000 x 450 mm
  • colour scale: natural anodizing (C - 0), bronze shades (C - 31, C - 32, C - 33, C - 34, C - 35)


Fabrication - changes aluminium profile to component

Technical capabilities for fabrication in Hydro Extrusion Slovakia:

  • CNC machining
  • cutting and deburring
  • milling
  • drilling and tapping
  • punching
  • tumbling

Contact us today. Our team of specialist is ready to help you in your project.