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Hydro at AEDIPE Congress

Rebeca González Abad, Iberia HR & Legal Director, attended 52nd AEDIPE Congress as a speaker. The Hydro way to empowerment!

Image IMG-20180928-WA0007.jpg

On September 27 and 28, the 52nd AEDIPE HR Congress took place in Oviedo.

More than 20 speakers, outstanding professionals in Human Resources, attended this networking event. Inspiring ideas to face the challenges in People Management!

 Rebeca González, Iberia HR & Legal Director at Hydro, was there and showed us the keys to Self-Leadership in organizations.

 "It is our mission to develop opportunities for Collaboration and Self-leadership for our workers"

 Throughout her long experience, Rebeca has had the opportunity to carry out numerous projects that have contributed to a greater commitment on the part of the workers and to be proud of belonging to the Hydro organization.

Congratulations, Rebeca, for the success of this event!