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Meet Alberto

When he was a child, he dismantled his brother's toys - and his own - to find out how they worked. Alberto Gata is now maintenance manager at Hydro's plant in Pinto, and his engineering knowledge helps the operation function at its best.

Image Alberto_Gata_Sapa.JPG

What do you consider special about your work?

Being part of a great team like the one we have in Hydro. It makes me feel especially proud to contribute to the improvement in production results, to offering a product with better quality, to working in a safe way.

What does it mean for you to work in a global company?

Working in a multinational company like Hydro means belonging to a large team of professionals. The synergies that are created between the different plants of Hydro allow us to gain a great knowledge about problem solving, thus minimizing the impact on customer orders. 

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