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Meet Carlos

Die technology and process manager Carlos Moreno loves jazz music. He studied modern music in Barcelona and plays piano. He feels that music helps make his ideas clear and helps him grow as a person.

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How do you build your team in Hydro?

Working as a team means it is essential that you respect and listen to your colleagues. In this way, we can find the best solutions.

What do you think about Hydro's EHS Safety policy?

It is something that you appreciate more when you visit other companies and you realize that we are always on a higher level than the rest. In Hydro, you really work for safety. I have been working in the company for 28 years and I have seen a great evolution in this area.

What can you say about customer service?

Without good service there are no customers, and without customers there is no future in the company. I think we must be aware that customer satisfaction comes from the efforts of the whole organization, from each job, giving the best of ourselves. 

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