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Meet Moisés

Moisés Moraleda is financial controller for Hydro in Pinto. He knows about working in a changing and challenging environment. As a supporter of Real Madrid football club, he also knows the difference between individual talent and teamwork.

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What do you consider special about Hydro's team in Pinto?

What suprised me the most when I arrived at Pinto, was the humanity of the people working here. They passed through lots of changes in the last years, all together. Today, we are a strong and well-coordinated team.

What does flexibility mean to you?

It means adapting to new situations and people. Flexibility means being in continuous cooperation with all members of our team, to be able to provide quick and clear responses. This is what we say “adapt or die.”

Why is your job important?

As a plant controller, it is important to have a clear vision of the objectives and their compliance. Not only in finance, but in quality and service. All departments must help to achieve better results for the customer. 

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