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Meet Rosa

Rosa Abad is married and has two children. At Hydro Extrusion, in La Selva plant, she develops studies for customer quotations in the technical department, which also feels like family.

Image Rosa_Sapa.jpg

What do you consider special about your plant?

Our people are hardworking and enterprising. La Selva is one of the smallest plants in Hydro, specialized in micro-extrusion and special requirements. In the office, we live and work as a team.

What would you highlight from Hydro as a world leader in extruded aluminium solutions?

Our ability to innovate in all markets: automotive, transportation, construction, solar energy, heat exchangers, and more. We are continuously conducting research to find new applications for aluminium profiles and to improve existing products.

How important is it for you to provide the best service to the customer?

It is absolutely essential, in the global world that we live in today, to offer good service to our customers. It is the only way to guarantee they will keep working with Hydro.

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