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Meet Susana

Her first boss saw it clearly: Susana Bozquez has a commercial soul. Today she is looking forward to the challenges of her new position as account manager in Santa Oliva.

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Describe a colleague that you consider special.

There are several colleagues that I would like to talk about, but I would highlight our colleague Víctor Imaz. He is positive, hardworking, organized, intelligent - and a good person. It is very easy to work with him and feel motivated to meet the requirements of our customers.

Why is your work important?

The first contact with the client is the beginning of the process, the first impression, the YES or the NO. That is why it is fundamental to transmit the seriousness and professionalism in the projects with Hydro.

How important is it for you to give the best customer service?

Only by offering the best service to our customers we will be able to build a lasting business relationship, based on the credibility and reliability of our operations. 

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