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Meet Roy Hammer

Roy Hammer - new MD for Sapa Profiles from the 1st of April.

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Roy Hammer has a long experience from the aluminium branch and from Sapa. Besides the position as MD for Sapa Profiles Sweden, he also has the position as vice President for Sapa Extrusion North Europe with responsibility for the organizations in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Baltics. 

"My ambition is that the company shall improve continuously. We shall create an attractive workplace and it should be interesting to work here. I will focus on setting a direction and an ambition for Sapa Sweden which everyone can relay to. I will spend time talking to people at all levels in the company to get input. I have a position and a responsibility but I am not a oracle. I have always thought of the residents in our region in Sweden as people with working spirit and creativity. There is pride and great competence in Sapa and it’s going to be fun to be a part of developing the company."

Facts of Roy

He grew up in the south of Norway, in a small town called Mandal. He now lives in Oslo with his wife and one child still at home. He enjoys downhill skiing on his spare time. Another big interest is music. He collects CDs and enjoys all kinds of music even if rock music is closer to his heart.

Fun facts

He likes Pippi Longstocking and Emil in Lönneberga. Especially Emil who is full of both ideas and action. "Emil represents the entrepreneurial, the volition, creativity and competitiveness that exists in Småland and also is in the spirit of Sapa, says Roy."