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Meet Stefan Bergström

Stefan Bergström - new position as vice MD for Sapa Profiler.

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Stefan Bergström started working for Sapa in 2007 as Sales Manager for the Automotive business. But the aluminum career started already in 1999 at Thule Sweden AB as KAM for GM with Sapa as a supplier.

In December 2012 was Stefan promoted to Sales Director with responsibility for Sapa Profiler AB's total sales.

Stefan has been chairman of Svenskt Aluminum since 2015, an industry-wide association that promotes Aluminum for increased knowledge and interest in the material.

“For me, it is customer first and it is important we continue to build on our strengths, both as an individual company and as part of a group. We have great opportunities to beat all competitors by specializing in areas of our business and utilizing our Group's resources where they are best fitted. I will work together with Roy to reach this, an optimal balance between the market needs and utilization of our resources and competences - we do have the working spirit!

Facts about Stefan

At the age 7 and having spent the first years in Jönköping, the family moved to the countryside between Tenhult and Forserum, where Stefan’s big interest in hunting, fishing and motoring were born.

He now lives in Tenhult with his wife and two daughters (11 and 14), who both are crazy in soccer. Nowadays, the enduro motorbike is sold but he still has a road motorcycle in the garage keeping the interest in racing alive.

Fun facts

He likes speed and has driven many motorcycles at different racing tracks in Sweden, the favorite is Gotland Ring. Tries to refine all food which he brings home from forest, lake or sea. Enjoys to cook, especially his own catch. Love chocolate but avoid desserts. Has a dream to participate in the Swedish Enduro Classics competitions at some time.