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To the top in Stockholm's tallest residential building

Kista Tower offers spectacular views of Sweden's capital city, partly due to the façade and window systems delivered by the aluminium building systems brand Wicona.

Image KistaStockholm2000.jpg

Kista Tower consists of two towers, the tallest reaching a height of 120 meters, containing 35 floors with 266 residences. The shorter tower has 15 floors, with 96 residences. Each residence is airy, bright and stylish.

A low-energy building, with lower heating costs and reduced carbon emissions, Kista Tower has been energy rated, which means that its climate footprint has been determined. It is energy classified B, based on the building's estimated energy use.

Energy-efficient aluminium building systems

The Wicona brand has contributed to the energy efficiency of Kista Tower.

The glass portions of the building's façade partially consist of the brand's WICTEC façade system. The WICLINE 75 evo window system was used due to its top-rated thermal insulating performance. And WICSLIDE 65FS was selected as a folding/sliding window solution to maximize the openable portion of the window while reducing the space needed for the opening parts.

Brunnberg & Forshed were the architects behind Kista Tower, which was completed in early 2016.

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