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Aluminium meets the health care industry

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The Smart­Seat™ Pro is an adjustable, modular seating system that uses an extrusion from a single die that is produced by Sapa in the UK. “Sapa offered a cost-effective, turnkey solution with the added benefit of ongoing support,” says Chris Northcott of CareFlex.



The new system with the multi-adjustable back has three upper back-rest components which can be adapted individually according to height, depth, angle, offset and rotation. Each of the upper elements includes built-in adjustable wings. These can be positioned to contour the seat back to the user's shape.

CareFlex is a specialist seating company that is part of the CliniMed group of companies. It has been producing innovative solutions in the UK for more than 20 years. Each design represents hundreds of hours of research, craftsmanship and expertise in specialist seating.