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Sapa Freight Pay Transition Project

This is to notify you of a change to the Extrusion North America freight invoice remittance instructions as follows:

This change affects all Sapa Extrusion North America LTL carriers who currently submit Sapa invoices to IPS Worldwide.

Effective with ship date November 1, 2016 and beyond

Sapa will discontinue the services of IPS Worldwide for freight bill processing.

Instead, remit your invoices to CT Logistics at the following address:
Sapa Extrusions
C/O CT Logistics Team 8
PO Box 30382
Cleveland, OH. 44130

Note – if you currently use the PO Box 42036, Cleveland, OH. 44142 for Sapa c/o CT Logistics, please change to the PO Box 30382 address (above).

Invoices in process through IPS Worldwide for shipments dated October 31, 2016 and before will follow the existing IPS Worldwide process through December 31, 2016. Any open matters (balance dues, disputes, etc) remaining as of January 1, 2017 must be resolved through the Sapa Transportation Team.

If you have any questions relating to the information contained, please contact the Sapa Transportation Team at 

We are committed to making this a smooth transition and we appreciate your support.