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Intensive Advanced

This course includes projecting window assembly practices, RPT sliding window, rising window, parallel sliding window and glass skin facade.

Image _AAQ1062.jpg

Among the highlights to be developed in the three days of the course on high-performance lines and façades, we can highlight the following.


  • Safety chat
  • Product quality talk
  • High performance and law 13059
  • HA62 Swing: Practical Mechanized
  • HA62 Sliding: Practical Machining
  • HA110 Sliding and Raising: Practical Machining and Arming of Raised Hardware
  • Visit of an accessory specialist


  • Thermal break: Cut and assembled window RPT
  • Glazed facade systems: Armed glass skin practice
  • Introduction to the dimensioning of a facade
  • Visit specialist in the manufacture of composite aluminium panels
  • Visit specialist in solar control glass
  • Sun protection systems: Parasols


  • Visit of specialist in facades: Negotiation in work, wxperiences in work
  • Visit specialist in bonding of glass with structural sealer
  • Visit specialist in bonding of glass by double tape faz
  • Consultations
  • Conclusion and delivery of attendance certificates

Course duration: Three days

You can find more information and register here.