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Intensive Basic

This course includes sliding window assembling practices, window swinging and glazing.

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These are some of the topics to be developed in the course,


  • Safety chat
  • Product quality talk
  • Aluminium workshop
  • Surface treatment of aluminium
  • Visit to the extrusion and painting plant
  • Rotonda 640 Sliding: Armed Practice Sliding Window
  • Visit of an accessory specialist


  • Visit of a sealing specialist
  • Rotonda 640 Swing: Armed Practice Swing Window
  • Arming a marketing plan


  • Layout of measures and placement of carpentry in construction
  • Visit of a glass specialist
  • Practical glazing of a window
  • Sofftech computer system
  • Consultations
  • Conclusion and delivery of attendance certificates

Training duration: Three days

You can find more information and register here.