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Module III

This course includes a practical look at a Glazed Facades

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Module III - Glazed Facades


To provide the necessary knowledge about the three common façade systems that are the Glass Front, the Glass Skin and the Frame, understanding their different conceptions and describing which are the profiles and accessories that integrate them.

Follow a practical case of a glass skin to know how to make your quote.


To whom it is addressed:

This course is designed for anyone who has to carry out and/or develop a glazed facade project.

It is essential to have previous experience or have attended the other two previous courses.


Course syllabus:

Glazed Front.

Glass Skin.


Specialist Visit in Sealants.

Specialist glass visit.

Follow-up of a case study.


Safety rules for entering the factory:

In accordance with our safety regulations, it is not allowed to enter the factory with: skirts, dresses, sports outfits, muscular, bermuda shorts, eyelets, divers with hoods or any other clothing of similar characteristics.

During the factory visit, it is not allowed to wear rings, chains, piercing, watches, ties, as well as to wear loose hair and in wintertime scarf.

The use of the mobile phone is not allowed while driving through Sapa's facilities.

It is not permitted to take photographs or film within Sapa's premises.



Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a requirement to attend the event?

The course is aimed at all those who want to begin with the activity of the
Attendees must be at least 18 years of age.

Is there a certificate of attendance?

Yes, a certificate of attendance is provided.

What transportation/parking options do I have to get to the event?

If you come by car / Moto:

You can leave your vehicle in the factory's internal parking lot. It is necessary to show up at the guard post first for the guard to confirm your details and then he will indicate you how to get to the parking lot and then go to the reception.

If you come in remis/ collective:

Report to the security guard box for confirmation and then he or she will tell you how to get to the reception.

Where can I have a snack/lunch?

We start with a breakfast at 8:30 am, around noon we offer a lunch in the dining room of the hotel.
the Aluescuela.

Where can I contact the organizer if I have any questions?

Any questions you may have can be emailed to

Sync by YYeTs. net

or telephone 0800 333 SAPA (7272)


Other Information / Useful Addresses: - How to Travel Capital - Pilar - Industrial Park
Remises Auto Ya: 0230 4432916
Remises First: 0230 4473210

It is essential that you have previous experience or have attended the previous modules.

You can find more information and register here.