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Module V

Learn how the Complementary Computer and Complementary Systems Program can help you execute your projects.

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The goals of Module V include:

  • Learning the essential steps of how to recycle existing openings
  • Learning about Sapa's sunshade systems for sun protection
  • Learning about the profiles and accessories used in HA railing systems
  • Learning how to use and apply sealers and chemical anchors
  • Setting up an HA balcony outside the Aluescuela
  • Learning how to use Softtech software for budgeting, ordering and computing of materials
This is for anyone who needs to become familiar with the use of the computer program, and who needs to solve a railing or parasol system.

It is advisable to have previous experience or to have attended the previous modules. You can find more information and register here.

You can find more information and register here.