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Curtain Wall

Curtain Wall, "stick" system is the best price /quality ratio to cover a building with a large glazed surface.

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Curtain wall

Architectural system for façades consisting of vertical support elements anchored to the structure of the building and plans of enclosures mounted on the paramos in vertical sequences without the need for structural crossbeams.

The system allows multiple variants in the realization of closures of facades - planes, broken planes incoming or outgoing in different angles, faceted planes -, without limits of wide and high to cover the same, whenever they verify structurally the lights between supports. In addition, it allows different variants of glazing, monolithic or thermowell, composite aluminum panels, etc. With structural fixation or with the glass contained by fittings.

The system was tested in the National University of San Juan, being able to be applied in seismic zones.


The system admits fixed and projecting cloths, without differentiating them from the outside.
Cosmetics of different types can be placed in a way to differentiate the exterior appearance.

Inertial columns:

Three columns with different moments of inertia:
Column of 97 mm of Jxx = 62 cm4
140 mm column of Jxx = 210 cm4
164 mm column of Jxx = 417 cm4



Curtain Wall Technical Data

Curtain Wall . DWG