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Frame HA 130 | 160

Facade system composed of independent units, armed in the workshop of the carpenter, which are integrated to each other through half columns forming a block of high structural strength (high moment of inertia).

Image IMG_9714final.jpg

The FRAME HA F130 offers 130 mm sections in both vertical and horizontal elements.
In contrast the FRAME HA F160 has columns of 160 mm and uses the horizontal elements of the F130 HA.

The system provides for the use of DVH and allows the realization of the following typologies:

• Fixed cloth
• Scrollable indoor coplanar window.

In this case, the use of scissors or telescopic fittings allows the blade to take off all around its perimeter, allowing controlled ventilation and cleaning of the glass from the inside.

The windows incorporate a European camera which allows to place a multipoint fitting in all its perimeter, optimizing the hermeticity and security of the same.

Inertial columns:
Set of 130 mm columns, Jxx = 281 cm4
Set of 160 mm columns, Jxx = 812 cm4



Frame HA 130 | 160 Technical Data 

Frame HA 130 .DWG

Frame HA 160 .DWG