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HA 110

Aluminium sliding doors and windows developed to make large projects possible.

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Technical specifications

Dimensional tolerances and thicknesses: IRAM 699. Airtightness: By fittings of E.P.D.M. Glass thickness: Housing for Double Glazing Hermetic up to 32 mm, for single glass up to 14 mm, with adapter profile.

Basic system dimensions:

Frame width: 110 mm in two guides, 165 mm in three guides. Width of blade: 41.4 mm.

Basic System Features:

Doors and windows of two, three or four sliding sheets, with simple sliding or, through the use of a special accessory - raising mechanism -, with a vertical movement before the landslide.

This product achieves a high level of tightness similar to the swinging windows, since it is possible to replace the plugs by fittings.

The frame of two guides has a depth of 110 mm in both horizontal and vertical, and the one of three guides has 165 mm in its four sides, always being coplanar. The profiles that form the frame are tubular ensuring a greater rigidity of the sliding guides. At the threshold the slots are made to drain the rainwater.

The joints between threshold and lintel with the jambs carry a sealing gasket in order to insulate the water box.

The sliding sheets have a depth of 41.4 mm and are set at 45 °. The system allows to work with a maximum weight of up to 320 kg per sheet in the version of simple sliding, and up to 300 kg in the raised up version -HA 110 XL-