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HA 135

The solution to the challenges of working with tall residential buildings.

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Tightness: A continuous EPDM fitting ensures perfect closure of the sheet, resembling a window swing.

Glass thickness: Housing for Double Glazing Hermetic from 23 mm up to 31 mm.

Basic system dimensions:

  • Frame width: 135 mm
  • Width of the blade: 65 mm

Technical characteristics:

  • Frame and blades at 45° by means of press brackets in mechanical cast aluminium.
  • Doors and windows of a sliding sheet and a fixed cloth.
  • Another possible configuration: two sliding sheets and a central fixed cloth.

The blade runs within the frame as a conventional sliding, but at the time of closing the special accessory takes it to the frame and the central parante, compressing the perimeter weatherstrip, achieving a tightness that cannot be matched with the conventional slides.

Smooth and simple operation

Multipoint seals depending on the height of the blade. A position of the drive handle allows ventilation Inside, keeping the blade closed with total safety.

Recommended dimensions:

  • Height of the blade: between 600 and 2500 mm
  • Width of the blade: between 400 and 2500 mm
  • Maximum blade weight: 250 kg.


 HA 135 Technical Data

 HA 135 DWG

A clear choice for greenhouses

Aluminium profiles are the obvious choice for building greenhouses, since they can be designed to match requirements precisely. And with aluminium's low weight and corrosion resistance, your system will require low maintenance and live a long life.

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DWG library

Download the technical cuts you need to realize your building projects.

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