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HA 62 Sliding Lift

Improves water tightness, water tightness, as well as thermal and acoustic insulation.

Image ITUZAINGO 1.jpg

Basic system dimensions:

Frame Width: 104 mm.
Width of the blade: 34.8 mm.
Glass Thickness:Simple glass up to 8 mm, using adapter profile.DVH up to 24 mm.
Tightness: Using special garments from E.P.D.M.Loading capacity:
In windows up to 60 kilos per sheet.
In doors up to 120 kilos per sheet.


  • 2-leaf sliding windows and doors (optionally 1 sheet Sliding and one fixed)
  • Frames armed to 90 °, leaves armed to 45 °, using squares
  • Mechanical cast aluminum die casting
  • Simple glasses placed with adapter profile and D.V.H. In profile Sheet without adapter.

Technical characteristics

  • Water tightness up to 600 Pa
  • Sound insulation: up to 37 db (using a DVH of 42 db)

Download the technical data