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HA 62 Thermal Break Sliding System

Our thermal break solution in the typology most used in the country.

Image IMG_4895.jpg

Basic system dimensions:

  • Frame Width: 62 mm
  • Width of the blade: 31 mm
  • Glass thickness: DVH up to 24 mm
  • Application of glass: Glass contained in leaf profile
  • Airtightness: By means of siliconized polypropylene plies, with Semi-rigid polypropylene double sheet central packing


  • 2 and 3 leaf sliding doors and windows
  • Doors and windows of 2 leaves with mosquito net

Technical characteristics:

  • Frame cut to 45 °
  • Cutting of 45 ° blade, sections assembled by means of brackets of mechanical drawing.


  • Frame with water box, with condensate collector and guide for possible slip screen
  • Inertial leaflet crossing (optional) that allows the resolution of sliding balcony doors
  • The thermal bridge break is achieved in the frame with PA 6-6 reinforced with 25% 12 mm fiberglass, on the sheet
  • With rods of 25 mm, of special design that avoids the contact of the metal square with profiles.

Download the HA 62 TB Sliding System