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HA 62 Thermal Break W & D

Image Swiss-Med.07.jpg

Basic system dimensions:

  • Frames: width 62 mm. Armed: at 45 °
  • Sheets: width 62 mm. Armed: at 45 °
    There are two measures of height of frames and leaves, adapted to each aesthetic and / or functional need. Glass thickness: DVH from 24 to 40 mm.


  • Fold windows inward of 1, 2 and 3 sheets
  • Folding doors inward, with 1 and 2 leaves
  • Folding doors to the outside, with 1 and 2 leaves
  • Swinging windows of 1 sheet, or combined with another sheet of simple rebating
  • Displaceable projecting windows
  • Flag windows
  • Sliding parallels
  • Fixed cloths

Technical characteristics:

  • Coplanar image in the exterior and in the interior
  • Profiles with three chambers that guarantee greater stability
  • Exterior chamber of the leaf profile that allows the possible infiltration directly to the outside
  • Large pressure equalizer chamber
  • Accessory housing in standard European camera
  • Breaking of thermal bridge by means of polyamide bars 6.6 reinforced with 25 percent glass fiber, 24 mm. Wide, with hot melt at the ends to ensure an efficient seal against the profiles
  • Central garrison in EPDM designed to ensure greater tightness
  • Glasses applied with clipped straight counters and fittings in EPDM
  • Accessories specially designed for the line
  • Traction squares
  • Possibility of assembling bicolor openings.

Download here the technical Data