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R640 Doppia

With the aesthetics and robustness of the Rotonda line, a double sliding window designed to guarantee thermal and acoustic insulation in heights and unfavorable climates

Image IMG_0015.JPG

Technical characteristics:

• Double sliding windows and doors with 2 leaves plus 1 fixed cloth.
• Double sliding windows and doors with 4 leaves.
• Coplanar image in frames.
• Simple glass applied without counter-glasses and D.V.H., with clip-on straight glasses.

Reinforced and extra-reinforced lateral and central  moments of inertia suitable for high stresses.

• Accessories and coupling profiles of the line.

• Arming Frames: 90 °
• Frame width: 118 mm. In 2 sheets plus cloth fixed.
   147.4 mm. In 4 sheets.
• Arming leaves: 90 °
• Sheets: with 2 types of baseboards, low and high.
• Glass: simple up to 8 mm. - D.V.H. Up to 24 mm.