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R640 EQ

High performance in airtightness: pressure equalizer chamber with open gasket and continuous central gasket.

Image 2 CIVIS.jpg

Airtightness: pressure equalizer chamber with open seal and continuous central packing.

Application of glass: both in fixed cloths and in flaps by means of curved or straight counter-glasses.

Glass thickness:

4 to 8 mm single glass
DVH in fixed cloths up to 22 mm
DVH in flaps up to 29 mm
Basic system dimensions.
Frame width: 40 mm.
Width of leaves: 47 mm.

Leaf coplanar to the frame to the outside, superimposed to the interior.



• Fade windows inward of 1, 2 and 3 sheets.
• 1-ply swinging windows or combined with another single folding sheet.
• Movable windows.
• Flag windows.
• Fixed cloths.

Main Features

Sealing system with pressure equalizer chamber for the rebating windows and central gasket fitting.
Cut to 45 ° in frame and leaves, assembled by means of mechanical drawing brackets, die-cast aluminum.
Simple machining with manual or pneumatic punching machines.



R640 EQ Technical Data