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R700 Country

Design and coplanar vision.

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  • Air tightness: By means of siliconized polypropylene plies, with semi-rigid polypropylene double sheet central packing
  • Glass thickness: simple up to 8 mm. DVH up to 24 mm.

Basic system dimensions:

  • Frame width: 70 mm. With box of water.
  • Width of the blade: 28 mm.


  • Tightness: By means of EPDM central fitting
  • Application of glass: With curved contra-glass applied through clips
  • Glass thickness: simple up to 6 mm. DVH up to 24 mm
  • Frame width: 70 mm. Width of the blade: 40 mm. (Coplanar)


  • 2, 3, and 4-leaf sliding doors and windows, with frames of 2 and 3 guides. (Mosquito netting and optional central parante reinforcement)
  • Fade windows inward of 1, 2 and 3 sheets
  • 1 and 2 leaf outward facing windows
  • Folding doors inward, with 1 and 2 leaves
  • Swinging windows of 1 sheet, or combined with another sheet of simple rebating
  • Projecting windows, banner, ventilated or movable, with frame of 70 or 40 mm
  • Window guillotine, pivoting, swingarm and fixed cloth

Technical characteristics:

  • Frame and blade at 45°, assembled with mechanical pulling brackets
  • Alternatives of profiles of sheets with glass content or counter-glasses. 

R700 Country Technical Data

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