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R700 Folding System

Innovative typologies concepts

Image R700 plegadiza C16.jpg
Development in folding doors that allows to use compatible accessories and fittings for 16 mm channel.

Air and water tightness: Double contact, by means of EPDM fittings.

Application of glass: By means of contra-glass.

Glass Thickness:

In fixed cloths: glasses from 3 to 20 mm.

On flaps: glasses from 6 to 31 mm.

Basic system dimensions:


Frame width: 70 mm.

• Armed frames: at 45 °.

Width of blade: 51 mm.

• Arming leaves: at 45 °.

Leaf coplanar to the frame to the outside, superimposed to the interior.

Other typologies in C16

• Folding windows into the inside of 1 and 2 sheets.

• Folding doors inward, with 1 and 2 leaves.

• 1-ply swinging windows, or combined with another simple folding sheet.

• Sliding parallel windows / doors.

• Flag windows.

• Fixed cloths.

Main Features:


• Cutting of frame and blade at 45 ° and assembled by means of mechanical drawing, die-cast aluminum.

• The only machining carried by this line is that corresponding to the armored brackets. For the rest of the accessories, accessories suppliers supply masks to make the corresponding holes. The carpenter must take into account what is indicated in Concepts of Quotas, so as to request the fittings correctly from the supplier.

• Coplanar image on the outside and superimposed on the interior.

• The line can be connected to the R 700 Country line.

• Glasses applied with curved and / or straight clipped glass.

• EPDM seals.

• Accessories and hardware to apply for 16 mm channel.




R700 Plegadiza Catálogo Técnico

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