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Sapa Test Center

The functional variety of windows, doors and facades is evident in the wide range of requirements imposed on these components. Therefore, you must ensure that its use complies with national and international standards, guidelines and specifications.

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Sapa Test Center is a success in the market thanks to proven quality.

Individual tests are required for special structures, project solutions and, in general, requirements in accordance with the system tests performed in accordance with the product standards as part of the labeling.

The new test center allows you to test your windows, doors and facades according to a wide range of test specifications in one of the most modern test centers in Argentina.

The advantages of the Sapa Test Center:

• We understand your needs. As a competent partner with extensive experience in testing systems products and project solutions, we are able to support you with this knowledge and experience.
• We provide immediate assistance. The Sapa Aluescuela with its workshop is directly adjacent to the Test Center, which means that any required action can be implemented on the spot immediately.
• We are flexible. Our modular testing standards are flexible and can be adapted to maximum sizes of 3 x 3 m.
• We deliver quickly and on time. The inhouse test platform allows testing throughout the year, regardless of the weather, ensuring that we meet the deadlines reliably.
• Collaboration with INTI. The test facilities have been coordinated with INTI. On this basis, individual test programs are possible according to the client's specifications, as are the INTI tests as the accredited / notified test institute.

Sapa Test Center: Test platforms (according to applicable IRAM standards):

• Façade testing facilities up to 3 x 3 m. Tests of air permeability, static and dynamic stability against driving rain, wind resistance.
• Standard measuring test equipment 2 x 2 up to 2.80 x 292 m. Tests of air permeability, waterproof against propulsion rain, resistance to wind.
• Compression / voltage tester for testing components with compressive and voltage voltages, eg. For screw withdrawal values ​​and material strengths.