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Meet Ana Paula

Ana Paula Rodrigues is a modern woman. She is responsible for Sapa's die shop in Brazil, and when she is not at work, she spends her time with her son, fighting taekwondo or traveling to new places.

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Which of the Sapa values is closest to you?

I get to work with different departments besides mine, such as commercial, quality, correction, planning, customer service and technical. So I would say that "one company" is most present in my daily life, because all of us, in the company and in the die shop, work for the same goal, for the same result. We are all together in the same boat.

What principles of martial arts can you put into practice at work?

Mainly, self-control. One of the skills I develop practicing taekwondo is self-control, which I can put into practice on a daily basis to accomplish tasks, manage people and the activities of the department, and overcome the challenges.

How do you feel about being a woman who is gaining space in the company?

I joined Sapa in 2000 as a trainee, and last year I received the opportunity to coordinate the tool shop. Although it's a big challenge, I can say it is worth it. I feel flattered by the opportunity. We know that in the corporate environment as a whole, unfortunately, there is still inequality. However, the time for women is coming, and we need to be prepared for it and focused on our personal and professional goals.

You need to prepare yourself every day. To believe and to trust in yourself and in your work.

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