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Installing with Prime-Air

Check out the complete step-by-step guide and learn how to install with Prime-Air. It is easy and practical. And you can use your conventional tools.

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Passo 1

First, deburr the tube end with proper deburring tool and insert the flare nut (brass or aluminium).

Passo 2

 Fix the tube end on the flaring die and make the conic flare (45º) with the flaring tool.

Passo 3

Screw the flare nuts on both valves and, with a wrench, fasten the flare nut as recommended by the manufacturer.

Passo 4

Pressurize with nitrogen gas to perform the leak test and start the air conditioner unit.

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Installation Tips

Prime-Air is easy and practical to install. And these tightening, union and curve tips can make your work even easier.