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Sapa’s annual report now available

Sapa delivered strong financial results last year. Read more in Sapa's Annual Report 2016.

The world’s largest aluminium solutions company improved its underlying earnings by 56 percent compared to 2015, to NOK 2,197 million, as measured in EBIT. The increase was driven by a higher share of value-adding business, as well as continued internal improvements and investments driving growth. Sapa had sales of NOK 53 billion last year.

Achievements and highlights in 2016

  • Value over volume strategy. Sapa increased the net value-added of its products by 9 percent per kilogram, compared to 2015. This is a good indicator of the value Sapa can add to the raw material, aluminium. The increase was due to an improvement in the product mix, with more advanced products and solutions and less standard profiles or tubes.
  • Organizational improvements. Sapa simplified its support functions and structure across the group, resulting in direct cost savings estimated at more than NOK 150 million annually.
  • Continued investments. Sapa continued its investment program to strengthen its value-adding capabilities in selected market areas, including investments in automation and high-tech tools supporting industry-leading productivity and on-time delivery performance.

Annual Report 2016