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Tackling the challenges of wind turbines offshore

Offshore installations are subject to harsh environmental conditions. You need solutions that tackle the extreme conditions for wind turbines at sea.

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Waves, storms and the salty humid winds at sea can cause severe corrosion to exposed parts. Using low-corrosion aluminium instead of steel will extend the lifetime of these parts, while reducing maintenance costs.

Wind turbine design

We offer structural aluminium parts for applications such as wind turbine landing platforms, transformer stations and offshore lighting solutions.

Clitmate shield for offshore transformer stations

Extruded aluminium is suitable in climate shields for offshore transformer stations. Due to their low weight and anti-corrosive properties, extrusions ensure long life, easy installation, low maintenance and reduced use of other materials.

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SeaChange is Hydro's dedicated service for the marine and offshore industry.

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Panel Configurator

Use this tool to help design your panels, utilizing aluminium extrusions. It shows the options available with profile types, lengths, widths, wall thickness and certification. The panel configurator is available in English.

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