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SeaChange provides knowledge about the usage of aluminium at sea

SeaChange is Hydro's dedicated service for the marine and offshore industry.

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In the offshore and marine industries, weight saving is one of the levers for reducing cost. It has a direct impact on transportation cost as well as cost and time for installation and decomissioning. Aluminium is a great material for the marine and offshore environment. 

A dedicated site for marine and offshore engineers

We have created a specific site for builders of cruise ships, mega yachts, military vessels, fast ferries and the entire offshore and marine construction industry. Here you can find the answers to your design and construction challenges and easily get in touch with our experts.

Hydro develops and manufactures machined, pre-assembled and finished components using its extrusion technology and friction stir welding techniques and our specialists and engineers are woking to constantly to develop new solutions and technologies for the offshore and maritime industries. 

White paper: Friction Stir Welding

Learn more about Friction Stir Welding and how it compares to traditional fusion weldings.

Aluminium is non-combustible. It has better fire protection capabilities than carbon fiber, which has flammable resins in it.

White paper: Fire safe aluminium structures

Learn more about fire protection of aluminium structures, including comparisons with similar steel structures.

Our experienced engineers and industry-trained specialists will be delighted to discuss your needs and applications for your projects. We can explain the wider benefits of using aluminium extruded solutions.

Contact one of our marine or offshore experts to discuss how you can use aluminium in your new project.

Download our marine brochure

Download our offshore brochure

Download marine standard Items

Download 5083 marine grade extrusions and FSW panels

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Panel Configurator

Use this tool to help design your panels, utilizing aluminium extrusions. It shows the options available with profile types, lengths, widths, wall thickness and certification. The panel configurator is available in English.

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An offshore project unlike any other

The story behind System 2000 Group's aluminium extrusion-based application for the Rowan Norway offshore drilling rig is as successful as it is inspiring. It protects employees during drilling operations and enables 100 percent drilling productivity.

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Leisure boats

Leisure boat manufacturers use extruded aluminium because the characteristics of the metal allow them to build better boats. Better for the customer and better for the environment.

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