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Better boats use aluminium

Leisure boat manufacturers use extruded aluminium because the characteristics of the metal allow them to build better boats. Better for the customer and better for the environment.

Image Leisure boat.jpg

Linder builds canoes, row boats and planing boats up to 4.6 meters long – around 15 feet – and builds them with extensive use of aluminium sheet and extrusions. Its boats are virtually indestructible. Maintenance requirements are minimal. Routine maintenance consists of washing the canoes with water. And once a year, it means brushing with a little detergent and water.

Built with light aluminium, the boats use less fuel. This reduces emissions, too, and ensures that the next generation will be able to enjoy clean lakes and waterways.

Glass-fiber reinforced polyester is an alternative to aluminium for leisure boats. This is an oil-based product that is vulnerable to impact, blows and the stresses of beaching and grounding. Plastic, however, requires regular maintenance with aggressive chemicals, and any damage has to be repaired immediately. At the end of life, these boats are sent to landfill or incinerated.

Aluminium can be recycled and reused for the same purpose, with little energy input required. It does not lose its properties. It will be equally strong and easy to form, and just as light.

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