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Let's shape the future together

We are providing IT and Financial services for Extruded Solutions since 2008. We are not a traditional Shared Service Center, but rather a dynamically growing organization. You won't have to do boring, repetitive tasks here, instead, you face complex challenges and are able to give value-added support to the business operation through short and long-term projects.

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Our cultural and human diversity is our greatest asset. We all possess different skills, strength and weaknesses. What unites us is that we put our strength where others need help and utilize the best that we find in people. We value a wide range of knowledge, proactivity, innovative ideas and open-mindedness.

How we do that? When it comes to building a team, we put function first instead of region. We see our strength in creating a global team, finding the best set of people to the global projects from our locations worldwide.

However, we don't forget that our clients come first. There are some services that require a local presence, so we can work closer to our client, with the native language and local time zone, giving the best possible service for them.

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