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Where would you fit in our Shared Service organization?

Constant growing and day-to-day challenges. Find your place by exploring the potentials within our operational fields.

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Financial Shared Services (FSS)

Live up to your potential and see the whole picture through the End-to-End Financial Services that FSS provides to the Business. You don't need to get compromised with repetitive tasks here. FSS is constantly looking for new candidates for transitioning new Business Areas and locations worldwide. You can participate in the implementation and work with the most modern tools, like the cloud-based SAP S/4HANA, Blackline, ServiceNow, or UiPath Robot Process Automation and be part of a virtual team with the numerous financial professional around the globe.

Strategic ERP Solutions

It's a well-established group of SAP professionals with at least three-year experience and great taste for challenges. The team has recently started running the implementation process worldwide of the newest version of SAP, the cloud-based S/4HANA that offers data-driven decisions with predictive analytics and improved automation. It provides cost-efficient solutions and higher efficiency in the business' operation. If you'd like to leave your fingerprint behind, build strategy and be part of the deployment of SAP S/4HANA for a worldwide company, this is a place for you.

IT Operation & Support

They are the base for the business, and without a stable foundation, it is impossible to aim high. For over 13 thousand users, the team manages and supports all facets of information technology in 35 countries and 175 sites. In a digitally driven company, such as ours, the challenges are endless but the chance to learn something new happens almost every day.

Value Added Services (VAS)

Value Added Services creates synergy between the business areas by providing new technologies, implementing RPA and business intelligence solutions into work processes. By adding their knowledge to projects like process implementation, manufacturing execution or profitability, VAS helps to achieve lower cost, higher efficiency and faster workflow to the business. Working in Value Added Services can bring day-by-day excitement through its agile work environment, but it's also providing on-the-job development opportunities through their long-term projects.


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