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Sapa Extrusion Uphusen

Sapa Uphusen produces extruded aluminium solutions and offers support for technical and economical product optimization. We also offer surface treatment on our own anodizing line and a huge variety of fabricating activities. One-stop solutions save time and ensure the best in know-how and production technology.

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Education in aluminium

Profile Academy in Uphusen

From extrusion to solutions: Learn more about aluminium, extrusion, surface treatment, fabrication and much more about the efficient use of aluminium in your application.

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Meet our employees

Meet Mario

Mario Koch has been working for Sapa for 26 years. He is an absolute team player, which is good, because teamwork is one of the most important aspects in his position as extrusion line leader.

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Working in Sapa

Developing talents in Sapa

Helping people develop in the early stages of their career is the objective of Sapa Young Talents.

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See this project

Aluminium is 100 percent recyclable

We deliver around 1.4 million metric tonnes of aluminium products to customers every year. More than half of the metal had been used and recycled.

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