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United Kingdom

Hydro's Extruded Solutions division has more than 1,300 employees in the United Kingdom. We have manufacturing plants in Birtley, Cheltenham and Tibshelf. Our aluminium fabrication and components plants are located in Redditch, Bromyard, Gloucester and Rotherham. We have an extrusion die company in Gloucester and an aluminium casthouse in Tibshelf. Surface treatment and thermal break capabilities are also available. Aluminium building system offices are located in London, Tewkesbury and Wakefield.

Hydro Pole Products

Hydro Pole Products Ltd Sapa House, Ravensbank Drive, North Moons Moat, B98 9NA Worcestershire Redditch
+44 800 678 3093 +44 800 678 3097 Contacto localización

Hydro Components UK Rotherham

Hydro Components UK Ltd. Barbot Hall Industrial Estate Mangham Road S62 6EF South Yorkshire Rotherham
+44 1709 833959 +44 1709 829251 Contacto localización

Hydro Extrusion Redditch

Hydro Extrusion UK Ltd. Sapa House, Ravensbank Dr. North Moons Moat, Redditch B98 9NA Redditch
+44 1773 549300 +44 1527 64880 Contacto localización

Hydro Extrusion Birtley

Hydro Extrusion UK Ltd Durham Road Chester-Le-Street DH3 2AH County Durham
+44 191 301 1200 +44 191 301 1233 Contacto localización

Hydro Extrusion Tibshelf

Hydro Extrusion UK Ltd Saw Pit Lane Alfreton, Tibshelf DE55 5NH Derbyshire
+44 1773 549300 +44 1773 874389 Contacto localización

Hydro Extrusion Cheltenham

Hydro Extrusion UK Ltd Tewkesbury Road Cheltenham GL51 9DT Gloucestershire
+44 1773 549300 +44 1242 513304 Contacto localización

Hydro Extrusion Bromyard

Hydro Extrusion UK Ltd 5 Station Road Bromyard Herefordshire HR7 4HP UK
+44 1885 482222 Contacto localización

Hydro Futuretools

Hydro Extrusion UK Ltd Futuretools 11A Barnett Way Barnwood, Fields Business Park GL4 3QA Gloucester
+44 1773 549300 Contacto localización

Sapa Components Gloucester

Sapa Components Spinnaker Park, Spinnaker Road, GL2 5DG Gloucester
+44 1452 502502 +44 1452 503503 Contacto localización

Sapa Building System Tewkesbury

Sapa Building System also has a central London office - perfect for any customer in the South East who wants to see any of our products or gain any information about our systems.

Sapa Building System 5300 Severn Drive Tewkesbury Gloucestershire GL20 8SF 
+44 1684 853500 +44 1684 851850 Contacto localización

Sapa Building Systems Wakefield

Sapa Building Systems - Technal & WICONA Jane's Hill, Albert Drive Silkwood Business Park Wakefield, West Yorkshire WF5 9TG UK
+44 1924 232323 +44 1924 232300 Contacto localización

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Un nuevo asiento para necesidades especiales... con aluminio

CareFlex ha presentado un revolucionario asiento para personas con necesidades complejas en cuanto a postura y presión corporal. La idea consiste en un perfil de aluminio extruido y revestido de pintura en polvo.

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