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Sapa has around 1,200 employees in Germany. We have five manufacturing plants – in Bellenberg, Offenburg, Rackwitz, Remscheid and Uphusen – that deliver extruded aluminium products and also tubing solutions. We have aluminium building systems activities in a number of locations, including Ulm.

Sapa Extrusion Offenburg

Sapa in Offenburg focuses on the segments automotive, building & construction, engineering and domestic & office equipment. The close proximity to France, Austria and Switzerland enables an optimal customer service across the borders. 

Sapa Aluminium Profile GmbH Industriestrasse 10 Postfach 2380 77656 Offenburg
+49 781 5060 +49 781 50666 Contacto localización

Sapa Extrusion Rackwitz

Sapa Extrusion Deutschland GmbH Am Wasserwerk 1 04519 Rackwitz
+49 34294 810 +49 34294 76227 Contacto localización

Sapa Extrusion Uphusen

Sapa Extrusion Deutschland GmbH Uphuser Heerstraße 7 28832 Achim-Uphusen
+49 4202 570 +49 4202 57239 Contacto localización

Sapa Precision Tubing Remscheid

Sapa Precision Tubing Remscheid GmbH Leverkuser Str. 65 42897 Remscheid
+49 2191 362540 +49 2191 3625425 Contacto localización

Sapa Dusseldorf Sales Office

Sapa Holding GmbH - Sales Office Wanheimer Str, 45 40472 Düsseldorf
+49 211 436130 +49 781 9487645 Contacto localización

Sapa Buildex Bellenberg

Sapa Buildex Bellenberg GmbH Am Mühlholz 1 89287 Bellenberg
+49 7306 7830 +49 7306 78313 Contacto localización

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Education in aluminium

Profile Academy 2017 in Offenburg

From extrusion to solutions: Learn more about aluminium, extrusion, surface treatment, fabrication and much more about the efficient use of aluminium in your application.

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Ver este proyecto

Sapa apoya la ciencia y la educación

En Sapa somos partidarios de contribuir a las comunidades en las que operamos, y una buena forma de hacerlo es invertir en esfuerzos educativos.

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Image Mario Koch_I.jpg
Meet our employees

Meet Mario

Mario Koch has been working for Sapa for 26 years. He is an absolute team player, which is good, because teamwork is one of the most important aspects in his position as extrusion line leader.

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Image Miriam Hauser Offenburg.jpg
Meet our employees

Meet Miriam

Nearly 25 years ago, Miriam Hauser started her Sapa Career at the Sapa plant in Offenburg. Since 2016 she is responsible for Environment, Health and Safety at the manufacturing facility in the south of Germany.

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