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A leading role toward the automotive industry

Sergio Vendrasco could have ended up somewhere totally different, such as the slums of São Paulo. Instead, this jovial Brazilian "lives" aboard airplanes, travels 150 days a year, and tries to visit at least one factory every week. He leads our most global operation, and regularly meets representatives from the global auto industry, the world's most demanding customer.

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His pivotal moments are when he and his colleagues manage to turn a business around from a loss to millions in profits. While moments like these do not happen every day, they are growing in number.

Studying to become an engineer

Sergio’s most important turnaround happened 40 years ago, when he travelled from Brazil to Norway along with 16 other boys from his neighborhood to compete in the 1978 soccer tournament Norway Cup in Oslo. The trip opened up a whole new world for the young team captain. Sergio had grown up and attended school at the sugar cane plantation where both his parents worked.

His experiences in Europe gave him a new perspective on life and his future: he would learn more, see more, experience more, create more, and live a better life. And he accomplished all this by studying to become an engineer and working on different forms of aluminium.

Environmentally friendly cooling systems with aluminium tubing

Last summer the members of the Norway Cup football team held a reunion, 40 years later. "Do you really live in Oslo?" he was asked. Over and over, Sergio explained that while his office is in Oslo, he actually works in Germany, China, the US, Vietnam, Denmark, Brazil, India, Mexico and Belgium. 

Together with his 3,600 employees, Sergio makes precision tubing in aluminium, which makes our cars lighter, more advanced and even more efficient, and makes cooling systems and refrigerators cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

Hydro is a world-leading producer of precision tubing in aluminium, and has been since before Sergio started working at the factory in Itu in south Brazil almost 20 years ago. Most importantly, he and his employees must make sure that the company's technology is always one step ahead of that of its competitors.

Recruiting and developing the best talents

Sergio's key task is to make sure that he always recruits and develops the best talents, people who do not compromise on fundamental values and principles, and who take care of the company's employees and customers.

Being able to trust each other is vital when the whole world is your workplace and your goal is to address the biggest challenges of the future. Every day.

We are aluminium.

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Our team of 35,000 colleagues works every day to produce the most sustainable aluminium products in the world. With customers, we develop thousands of innovative solutions that are forming society. Because it is important for the future.