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In Switzerland, Hydro's Extruded Solutions is present with two sales offices for Sapa Building Systems (WICONA) in Mägenwil and Bulle. Our sales offices for customized extrusion solutions are seated in Nenzing, Austria and Offenburg, Germany. For welded tubes, Extruded Solutions Welded Tube Europe in Remscheid is the partner in Switzerland.

Sapa Extrusion Nenzing

For more than 40 years, Hydro in Nenzing has been developing and producing sustainable solutions in aluminium together with its customers. Challenge us! We look forward to your enquiry!

Hydro Extrusion Nenzing GmbH Austrasse 16 6710 Nenzing
+43 5525 6010 +43 5525 601399 Forduljon helyi vállalatunkhoz

WICONA / Bulle Switzerland

Sapa Building Systems SA Pâla 100 Rte de la Pala 100 1630 Bulle
+41 26 663 99 66 http://www.wicona.ch Forduljon helyi vállalatunkhoz