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Hydro has around 850 employees in Belgium. We have manufacturing plants in Raeren and Lichtervelde and aluminium casthouses in Ghlin and Lichtervelde. In addition, we have aluminium building systems and tubing operations in Belgium.

Hydro Extrusion Lichtervelde

Our aluminium manufacturing plant in Lichtervelde is specialized in extruding big, wide, thin, strong and light aluminium components.

Hydro Extrusion Lichtervelde NV Kortemarkstraat 52 8810 Lichtervelde
+32 51 72 98 11 Kontaktovať prevádzku

Hydro Extrusion Raeren

Our aluminium manufacturing plant in Raeren specializes in extruding long lengths and precision-profiles as well as anodized and machined components ready for assembly.  

Hydro Extrusion Raeren S.A. Waldstrasse 91 4730 Raeren
+32 87 85 92 11 +32 87 85 92 59 Kontaktovať prevádzku

Hydro Precision Tubing Lichtervelde

Our aluminium tubing manufacturing plant in Lichtervelde specializes in high-frequency welded aluminium tubes for a wide range of applications.

Hydro Precision Tubing Lichtervelde NV Kortemarkstraat 52 8810 Lichtervelde
+32 51 72 97 54 Kontaktovať prevádzku

Hydro Extrusion Ghlin

Our aluminium casthouse in Belgium is located in Ghlin.

Hydro Extrusion Lichtervelde NV - site Ghlin 1 route de Wallonie 7011 Ghlin
+32 51 72 98 08 +32 51 72 98 01 Kontaktovať prevádzku