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Hydro's Extruded Solutions employs around 200 people in Portugal. We have aluminium building systems activities in Prior Velho, near Lisbon. In Avintes, in the northern part of the country, we have a manufacturing plant, a die factory and an aluminium cast-house.


B&C, transportation, Solar, General Industry. Cast house and die factory.

Hydro Aluminium Extrusion Portugal HAEP S.A. Avintes Travessa Nova das Alheiras 216 4415-272 V.N Gaia Pedroso
+351 22 786 5900 +351 22 786 5947 Kontakta anläggningen

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Meet our employees

Meet Horácio

Horácio Cardoso likes to play tennis and enjoy time with his wife and friends around the dinner table. Since he was a child, he wanted to work with molten metal. Good thing, because he manages our aluminium casthouse in Avintes.

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